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Somatic Breath and Movement 8-Week Program

We're BIG fans of pre-selling offers around here. It sets a deadline for you to create the official content, it validates your offer with people who are willing to actually put money down vs just saying "sure, I'd buy that in the future!", and it's just a fun way to do things in our opinion. 

To do this in integrity - you absolutely need a deadline for the full content to be released, and if you aren't able to meet that deadline, you need to offer refunds. Similarly if only one or two people buy, after a good amount of promotion and tweaks, then refund the buyers with an apology and a different option for them to get support from you.

Be sure to include the deadline for the full content to be released in all of your promotions. I talk more about these strategies in our free Lighting Fast Courses resource, which is all about how to pre-sell and create micro-courses. Get access to that here.

I like to keep my sales copy super simple when pre-selling:

- who is it for

- what will it help them do

- what's included

- when the full content will be released

- why they should buy it before the full content is released (i.e. the early access content, not having to remember to come back, etc)

2 Modules

Early Access Bonus Content

IMPORTANT: Set the drip date for this module to the date you open your offer up for early access purchases so it immediately unlocks for purchasers.

Guided pre-work

Focusing on how your breathing can start to give insight into what you need to release. 

Modules for this course 2
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