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Welcome to A Balanced Life Training!


Mama, you have to start somewhere,
and I welcome you to start here.

WELCOME TO A Balanced Life Training

Yes, you belong here. Even if you feel like your life is the furthest thing from balanced, there's no better place to start than exactly where you are. Change begins with a choice - and the payoff is so, so worth it. My name is Heather and I'm personally invested in your success. Yes, you.


If you are looking for where to start, try the Mindful Eating Reset, Tune into You or the 7 Day Breath and Yoga. From there it will be easy to progress into the 4-week Core and Stability Course and eventually to Mama's Back. You absolutely can jump right into Mama's Back if you are ready to make a full commitment to yourself! 

Available Courses

Subscriber Hub

Here you will find my FREE 5 Day guide to Mindful Eating to help you start on your path to health and fitness. 

Free 7 Day Yoga and Breath Challenge

Explore a different form of yogic breath each day. Learn how the breath can help in everyday life as well as on the mat.  7 days of 15-20 minutes to help you get on a consistent schedule. Consistency is one of the keys to yoga practice!

Tune Into You

This course is made for beginner's looking to start a Barre, Yoga or Pilates practice. Learn the basics of movement and of eating to fuel your body. Take time to breathe and really Tune Into You!

12 Week Mama's Back

In 90 Days gain strength, confidence and balance in your body mind and spirit. Lose up to 25 pounds without the guilt of being away from your family and hours in the gym.

Core and Stability Mini course

This 4-week mini course focuses on the two most important areas for women and their stability, the core and the glutes (your butt!)!

In this course you will gain strength and stability in these two main areas of the body so that you can increase confidence in your movement patterns, grace and balance!

Somatic Breath and Movement 8-Week Program

Transform yourself into the TRUE you, the YOU that was always meant to be. Bring to life the things you love and release the stuck energy out of the body. Through somatic breath work, yogic breath work and intuitive movement you will find the release you are looking for. Allow yourself to heal from the conditioning of life. Heal from the past. Step into yourself as a whole person as we balance the masculine and feminine energy into the body. You will find your energy levels soar and you are living the most beautiful way your desire. 

21 Day Up-Level Your Mind, Body and Soul Challenge

21 days of nutrition, food guide and recipes, workouts of all different kinds new each day (30 minutes), meditation busy mama style (3-5 minutes), journaling into your negative and positive beliefs.

Get your mind, body and soul aligned, build healthy habits and make lasting sustainable changes to your health and your life!

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